Vol. 63 June-July 2017 Newsletter

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Please read these observations made by senior executives in our industry. Do you agree?

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Observations To Discuss: Do You Agree or Disagree?

Food & Beverage

“Going Local” is a colossal phenomenon that shows no sign of dissipating.  There is a near fixation with farm-to-table foods which are organic and locally sourced.

Hotel Chefs are now creating customized menus to satisfy vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, paleo, diabetics and other diet sensitive guests requesting healthy alternatives.

We have even heard of chefs escorting guests to local markets to select fresh ingredients for their meals

Your comments are invited……………..

Spa Wellness and Fitness

The time for a professionally trained Spa person has arrived! These authorities will reshape the global wellness and spa industry; as vanity and superficial skin treatments no longer serve the requirements and demands of your future guest and client,

In the last 4 decades the industry has been bombarded with fake “youth revival” treatments and quick fitness schemes. These days the erratic and psychotic "Me First" mentality has left most with frustration and disillusion. It is therefore, the time for expert spa executives to take over.

Your opinions are invited.

Influencing the future of Airport/Transportation Highway Lodging

As Global Tourism continues to escalate. Hotel brands are understanding that comfort and functionality doesn't have to mean compromising.  A large driver in improving train/airport/highway/lodging is to appeal to the "Bleisure Traveler" one who combines both business and leisure in a single tip.

Bleisure travelers no longer walk into a nearby property expecting only bare necessities, and more so now expect an elevated experience.

Do you have any comments?

Human Resources

We recognize that as professional Human Resource Managers we all face numerous challenges daily.  Filling multiple open positions is not easy as we know; but the revenue and profitability of your Hotel or Restaurant etc. is both morally and financially affected negatively; everyday a position is vacant.

Finding the right talent with tight deadlines and limited tools makes it especially difficult for you or any professional. Having the right partners like Renard International helps. After 47 years in the Executive Hospitality Search we certainly know how to do it. 

Can we help?


I ask myself, what is the point of you or I having 25,000 connections on LinkedIn (if you add 2nd and 3rd we are connected to millions)…. Pretty well all whom you or I don’t really know anything about?

Let’s talk more among ourselves; see what we have in common and how we can help each other.

Global Gaming Report

There are 197 countries that are members of the United Nations in 2017.  Of these there are over 100 now have some form of legalized gaming from slot machines to table games to on-line gambling. Last year 2.2 billion gamers generated 109 Billion USA dollars in gambling revenue.

Will soon every country have some form of gambling? Is this good or bad?

Your comments are invited.

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